Hi, my name is Brian Topcu-Alterescu
I'm a computer science student.

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I am an Honors Student at Nassau Community College, specializing in computer science. My enthusiasm lies in utilizing technology to create positive change. Equipped with a solid understanding of computer science principles, I am constantly seeking opportunities for growth and development as a developer. My passion drives me to pursue further education and establish a successful career in the field of computer science. I am eager to collaborate with fellow enthusiasts and contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to make a significant impact on society.

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Scentient is a web application I created with two other students. With the use of an eBay API, you can look at many types of fragrances from the click of just one button. Currently not functioning.

Torah Time

A web-based application that utilizes the Hebcal API to provide users with essential information for observing Shabbat. The application uses user location data to display accurate candle-lighting times and havdalah times.

Ron Swanson's Wisdom

A web-based application that provides users with quotes from the iconic character Ron Swanson, portrayed by Nick Offerman in the TV show Parks and Recreation. The app fetches random quotes from the Ron Swanson API and displays them on the screen.